About Vaxxin

Vaxxin, Inc. is the cybersecurity industry’s first purpose-built company dedicated to the cyberdefense of the Internet of Medical Things. Born from an extensive cybersecurity resume in the health care and medical industries, Vaxxin was founded in response to the increasing industry demand for the protection of therapeutic and clinical networked devices. More than just a repurposing of existing cyber technologies, Vaxxin was formed with the express mission of designing and building cybersecurity products to meet the unique cyberdefense requirements of the medical device community.

Vaxxin recognizes that networked medical devices serve both a medical and an IT role. By combining cybersecurity and IT expertise with a thorough knowledge of medical device architectures and topologies, Vaxxin has created a comprehensive set of solutions that defend against cyber risks common in medical networking, without impacting the clinical operation of the medical devices.