“Our customers tasked us to extend their current cybersecurity architectures to include the many devices comprising their IoT. Not only were their IoT endpoints incapable of supporting common 3rd party endpoint security products, an industry survey quickly revealed that no practical solutions for IoT security existed in the market to meet our customers’ requirements. This revelation, combined with the rapid growth of IoT environments, was the origin of Vaxxin, and what ultimately led us to the development of the Thingate product line.” 

Nick Yuran, President

Vaxxin was founded in response to the rapid, cross-industry growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the increasing threat landscape facing IoT innovators. As information technologies converge with operational technologies, and tools, devices and objects are transforming to become IT endpoints, the attack surface of the modern enterprise is expanding beyond the capabilities and protection boundaries of standard cybersecurity solutions. By combining a long resume in cybersecurity, encryption, wireless technology, and traffic analysis with patents-pending design concepts, Vaxxin engineers have created purpose-built solutions designed expressly for the cyberdefense and cybersafety of the Internet of Things.

The Vaxxin development cloud and test lab is equipped with a variety of things—designed to simulate our customers’ most common IoT topologies and attack exposures. Whether installed on the manufacturing floor or in the medical ward, Thingate can be deployed with the confidence that it has gone through high-fidelity validation testing that simulates the real world Internet of Things.