Residential IoT Cybersecurity

Home Cyber Monitoring as a Service

Just as a security service monitors the entry points to a home and notifies the homeowner of physical breeches, so can a home’s cyber entry points be protected through a monitored service offering.

When deployed at a residential network access point, The Thingate™ IoT cybersecurity gateway inspects and controls all inbound and outbound traffic for every residential IT endpoint, whether the traffic originates on the Internet or from within the residential network.

Thingate controls access to all connected devices within the home, inspecting payloads for malicious code, and analyzing traffic for anomalies. Unauthorized login attempts to the home’s IoT devices or unusual network traffic, are blocked and the homeowner is notified of the attempted breech.

The Thingate home cybersecurity service can be provided as a standalone, customer-managed solution, or incorporated as part of the monitored call center of a home security service.

Thingate removes the homeowner burden of managing the complex cybersecurity requirements of the networked home, and provides the peace of mind that every networked device is being protected and monitored 24/7.

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“Chances are right now if you’re buying an Internet of Things device, you’re more likely to be buying something insecure, than secure.”  

… James Lyne, Sophos Cybersecurity