Cyberdefense of Production and Operational Technology

The convergence of Information Technology and Operational Technology has created a new, broader attack surface for the modern cybercriminal. Beyond just the damage that a cyber attack can inflict in the digital realm, custom malware directed against industrial automation assets are capable of halting operations and inflicting physical damage on networked machinery. The ability to disable production assets within the SCADA system, such as PLCs, PID controllers, sensors, and automated assembly machines, requires a cyberdefense that goes beyond traditional firewalling and AV systems.

When deployed at the network edge of the industrial IoT, Thingate™ analyzes, detects, and blocks anomalous traffic, controlling access to networked IoT devices both from the Internet and from inside the enterprise. Thingate can distinguish malicious traffic, such as a DDOS attack that can turn the IoT into a Botnet, from normal, authorized operational traffic, and take corrective actions without impeding business operations.

Thingate provides IT and operations managers with a comprehensive cybersecurity feature set expressly built for the nuances of the IoT, and ensures the components of production are as protected as any other IT endpoint in the enterprise.

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“GE predicts investment in industrial IoT is expected to top $60 trillion during the next 15 years.”

… Forbes