“The design and feature set of Thingate directly reflects the unique cyber vulnerabilities inherent to the Internet of Things.” 

Chris Calavas, CTO

Vaxxin’s flagship technology, Thingate™, is not a repurposing of an existing cybersecurity product, but a solution built from the ground up to address the unique requirements of IoT security. By beginning with an industry analysis of:

  • IoT topologies
  • IT characteristics of the endpoints comprising the IoT
  • Malicious actor IoT attack objectives
  • Most vulnerable IoT attack points of entry
  • Common IoT cyberattack tools and kill chains

Vaxxin has designed Thingate to be a combinative and fully comprehensive cybersecurity solution, with a feature set that addresses all of the most vulnerable attributes of the IoT. Deployed as a standalone solution and requiring no other supporting cyber-technologies, Thingate combines all the functionality necessary to defend every device in the IoT into a single product.