“Learn how Thingate’s unique cyber gateway approach locks down IoT endpoints.”

IoT Cybersecurity Gateway

The Thingate™ solution is designed to protect both the IoT from cyberattacks launched from the network, and the network from attacks originating in the IoT. By segmenting the components of the IoT from the enterprise network, Thingate creates a series of secure IoT enclaves defended by a bidirectional cybersecurity gateway. Access into and out of these enclaves is monitored and controlled by Thingate, employing a comprehensive set of cyberdefense technologies expressly adapted for the IoT environment.

The unique and diverse security requirements of the IoT require a broad spectrum of cybersecurity solutions to provide comprehensive protection. Firewalling, access control, intrusion detection, packet inspection, packet capture, traffic analysis, VPN and encryption are all important and necessary security components of the IoT. And while there are many technology vendors that can provide these solutions individually, only Thingate™ by Vaxxin delivers all the necessary cybersecurity technologies in a single product.

Every device in the IoT, regardless of function or resources, is protected by Thingate’s cyberdefenses as if it were part of the IoT device’s native feature set. Thingate removes the burden of installing, maintaining and updating the cybersecurity of individual endpoints in the IoT, future-proofing the IoT from vulnerabilities and simplifying the IoT cyberdefense strategy.